CONALUX It is a brand of Iluminación Naco with more than 30 years in the professional lighting market.

Conalux it’s known like a professional and high quality brand, which offers a wide range of products and solutions to our clients. Developing and researching new technologies to offers the most quality and competitive products.

CONALUX It’s a brand focus on professionals, in Spain we just sell our products in the most professional channel “ electric warehouses”.

LED development was a high technologic step, we have done many investments to could control and measure the quality of these new technology. Have the machinery to test and verify quality to have a excellent quality control procedure. We have our own laboratory and our own technical department to help our clients.

Research and lighting control is one of ours basics. Like professional developers and manufacturer we can offer a wide range of applications and options to our products (dimming options and control, products prepared for boats and similar application 12-24v, smart city, etc.)

We have a really good team of professionals who helps our costumer daily, advising them and ease a quick response.



Madrid delegation

Alicante delegation