LED waterproof profile IP40 feeding

Available in 3 different color temperatures

- Tcarn-IP40: led tube for meats; ideal for butchers, delicatessens, etc (thanks to a type of light that highlights the red meat making it more palatable to the consumer)

- Tpan-IP40: ideal led tube for premises such as bakeries, bakeries, etc. (thanks to a type of light that highlights the yellows creating an ideal environment for the sale of all kinds of breads and cakes)

- Tali-IP40: led tube for supermarkets, food stores, showcases of food houses, etc. (this light is the ideal for any place where we want to show-sell any type of product, whether cans, containers, bags, etc.)

- Available in 3 different sizes: 4w(260mm), 9w(520mm) & 18w(1160mm)

- Driver not included; we can provide you the driver if we know the installation.

We have claw kits for fixing by magnet, with which to install the product in the simplest and fastest way possible.- Possibility of joining the profiles together.