LED feeding tube

- Available in 3 different color temperature

PEcarn: led tube for meats; ideal for butchers, delicatessens, etc (thanks to a type of light that highlights the red meat making it more palatable to the consumer)

PEpan: ideal led tube for premises such as bakeries, bakeries, etc. (thanks to a type of light that highlights the yellows creating an ideal environment for the sale of all kinds of breads and cakes)

PEali: led tube for supermarkets, food stores, showcases of food houses, etc. (this light is the ideal for any place where we want to show-sell any type of product, whether cans, containers, bags, etc.)

- Available in 3 different sizes: 9w(60cm), 18w(120cm) & 22w(150cm)

- Power factor>0,95

- CRI>85